How God Acts: Creation, Redemption and Special Divine Action-0

How God Acts: Creation, Redemption and Special Divine Action

How does the Christian doctrine of creation square with the picture of an evolving universe we receive from science today? How do the baldly predatory behaviour and wasteful extinction of whole species fit in a Christian understanding? How does miraculous divine action, pictured so vividly in the biblical narratives, square with the inexorable march of the laws of physics? How does a God of love permit so much death and destruction? These and a host of related questions raised by ordinary experience are tackled in this important and original work from theologian Denis Edwards re-conceiving divine action. From providence and miracles to resurrection and intercessory prayer, Edwards shows how a basically noninterventionist model of divine action does justice to the universe as we know it yet also to central convictions of Christian faith about the goodness of God, the promises of God, and the fulfillment of creation. Here is wonderfully lucid theology supporting a convincing vision of just how God is at work in the universe.


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By Denis Edwards

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