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The Vine and the Branches

The Fruit of the Sevenhill Mission

ISBN: 9781925309355
Authors: Michael Head SJ,  Paul McKee and Paul Fyfe SJ

One day, two men with a wheelbarrow settled on this block of land and laid out a farm, built a small house and planted some vines.

170 years later, one of the outstanding wineries in the region and historic buildings that include a gracious church and spiritual retreat centre are the results of their efforts.

This book tells the story of their struggle and their legacy.

It is about Sevenhill Cellars in the Clare Valley of South Australia, as well as the Jesuits and their mission at Sevenhill, which once extended for hundreds of kilometres and now reaches beyond Australia.


About the Authors

Michael Head SJ joined the Jesuits in 1967.  He has worked in secondary schools, university colleges and the Jesuit Theologate.  Currently he is Acting Superior of Campion House in Melbourne and Archivist for the Australian Jesuit Province.  He is the author of several history books. 

Paul McKee joined Sevenhill Cellars in 2008 as Marketing Manager.  Paul began writing as a journalist in newspapers and moved to radio and television news production.  Before settling in the Clare Valley, he worked extensively in public relations where he specialised in the wine industry.

Paul Fyfe SJ has been in charge of the two South Australian parishes of Sevenhill and Riverton/Manoora since 2012.  Born in Adelaide, he joined the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1969 and pursued studies in Science (Biochemistry and Genetics), as well as in Education and Theology before priestly ordination in 1984.  After doing IT and editorial work at Jesuit Publications in Melbourne for 13 years, he returned to pastoral ministry at Norwood, South Australia, before taking the Sevenhill appointment.  His other interests include ecology, refugee matters and church music.

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