God's Word and the Church's Council: Vatican II and Divine Revelation (HARDBACK)-0

God’s Word and the Church’s Council: Vatican II and Divine Revelation (HARDBACK)

The publication of the Vatican II document on Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum) was an exciting and challenging moment for the Church. While honouring the tradition, it also marked a quite dramatic development in the Church’s attitude to modern critical analysis of the Bible and encouraged study and reflection on it by all members of the Church. The golden jubilee of its publication is a timely moment for a book such as this. It contains essays on various aspects of Dei Verbum by authors from around the world. They write from the perspective of their respective disciplines of biblical studies, patristics, theology, liturgy, philosophy, and communications media. They situate the document within the Jewish-Christian tradition, assess its reception since Vatican II, and its implications for the future.

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Christopher J Monaghan CP LSS PhD studied at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and is President of Yarra Theological Union, a College of the University of Divinity (formerly The Melbourne College of Divinity), where he has been teaching New Testament since 1987. His publications include A Source Critical Edition of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke in Greek and English (Subsidia Biblica 40, Rome: Gregorian and Biblical Press, 2010) and A Friendly Guide to Paul (Mulgrave: Garratt, 2014).

Mark A O’Brien OP LSS DTheol studied at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and The University of Divinity. He is currently Associate Professor of Biblical Studies in the University of Divinity. His publications include The Deuteronomistic History Hypothesis: A Reassessment (OBO 92; Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1989), and (co-authored with Antony F Campbell) Sources of the Pentateuch: Texts, Introductions, Annotations (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1993), Unfolding the Deuteronomistic History: Origins, Upgrades, Present Text (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2000), and Rethinking the Pentateuch: Prolegomena to the Theology of Ancient Israel (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2005).

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