Beyond Determinism and Reductionism: Genetic Science and the Person-0

Beyond Determinism and Reductionism: Genetic Science and the Person

Contents Introduction Roland Chia and Mark Chan Medical Genomics: Present and Future States Kon Oi Lian Cloning, Stem Cell Technology and Genetic Modification: Reinventing the Human Person D Gareth Jones Flesh and Spirit After Darwin Colin Gunton Defining Human Life: Cloning, Embryos, and the Origins of Dignity Ted Peters and Gaymon Bennett Co-creator or Priestly Steward: Theological Perspectives on Biotechnology Ng Kam Weng Soma, Psyche, Sin, and Salvation: Exploring the Relationship between Genetics and Theology Ronald Cole-Turner Freedom and Covenant: Human Transcendence and Genetic Determination Carver T Yu Genetic Science, the Person and the Common Good Daniel Koh Kah Soon Feed My Sheep: Genes, Nuerons and the Pastoral Care of Persons Robert Solomon Biological Essentialism and the Person Roland Chia Biblical References Author Index Subject Index

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The twenty-first century has been dubbed the ‘Biotech Century’. The explosive increase in our knowledge of the human genome continues to fuel speculations on the possibilities of human genetic modifications. This has been greeted with either enthusiasm or anxiety, for alongside the many euphoric pronouncements about potential benefits are serious questions about the impact of biotechnology and the prospect of manipulating molecular information.

What impact will breakthroughs in genetic science will have on our understanding of the human person and the shape of human society? Is the significance of the human person reducible to his or her genetic make-up? What part do our genes play in determining human behaviour, and how would this affect our understanding of human freedom?

Drawing on an international panel of writers representing different disciplinary perspectives and a number of Christian traditions, this book seeks to assess the impact of recent developments in genetic science on the Christian understanding of the human person.

The essays in this volume address these concerns.

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