Between the 'Mysticism of Politics' and the 'Politics of Mysticism' (PDF)-0

Between the ‘Mysticism of Politics’ and the ‘Politics of Mysticism’ (PDF)

David Ranson is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay, a Senior Lecturer with the Sydney College of Divinity, teaching at the Catholic Institute of Sydney. He has a Master of Theology by Research from the Melbourne College of Divinity, and was granted his PhD by Australian Catholic University. He is the author of Across the Great Divide: Bridging Spirituality and Religion Today (St Pauls Publications, 2002), The Paschal Paradox: A meditation on the contemporary challenge of priestly life (St Pauls Publications, 2009), and The Hospitality of Ministry: Exercising Christian ministry with a Trinitarian heart (St Pauls Publications, 2012).

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Between the Politics of Mysticism and the Mysticism of Politics traces the dialectic of ‘the mystical’ and the political’ from both a theological and an historical perspective. It presents the dialectic as a hermeneutic for the rise of the new ecclesial communities within the Roman Catholic Tradition and suggests it as the framework by which a trajectory for Christian holiness might emerge in the 21st century.

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