Always True

Twelve years have passed since Pilot’s unexpected wake up call. All forces to the contrary, she has stayed faithful to her long term commitments to family and medicine without ignoring the startling relevance of falling in love with the face of an actor at age 43.

Set in the context of home life, romance novels, senior school envy and her home branch of medical specialisation, Pilot wends her way through owning her own story and finally arriving at the beginning of telling it rather exactly in her own way, sharing the journey to help others find their own – befriended, loved, embraced as they are and less alone.

Barbara True (MD(USA), FRACP, is an America-trained, practicing rheumatologist. She lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband and two children, and she has a special interest in narrative practice in the context of evidence-based medicine.

‘The passage in question is brilliant writing: the only sort of writing worth composing or reading. It’s what I used to call – perhaps mistakenly – true fiction. For me, true fiction is the most accurate approximation of a report of the narrator’s world-view/private world/soul-scape/? What I’m leading up to is that what I’ve read [is] far, far better fiction than what gets published now by leading publishers.’ Gerald Murnane.