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The Church in China (PAPERBACK)


Gianni Criveller, Theology of Mission at the Holy Spirit Seminary College of Philosophy and Theology, Hong Kong.
Claudia Devaux , co-author of Bamboo Swaying in the Wind.
Fr Jeroom Heyndrickx CICM, National Seminary in Beijing. 

Roderick O’Brien is a priest and lawyer who has lived and taught in China for some years. 

Fr Benoît Vermander, SJ is director of the Taipei Ricci Institute and chief-editor of a journal in Taiwan. 

Justin Tan is Resident Scholar at the Bible College of Victoria.    



Paul Rule taught Religious Studies at La Trobe University, Melbourne, and remains an honorary associate there. He is currently EDS/Stewart Distinguished Fellow of the Ricci Institute for Chinese/Western Cultural History at the University of San Francisco and a member of the Macau Ricci Institute. He has published widely in Chinese religious history, Aboriginal religion and modern Catholicism. 


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China has been a challenge to Christianity since the beginning of modern times and it remains so today. Here is a great civilisation comprising a quarter of humankind, yet largely untouched by Christian values and beliefs. Any theological evaluation of the state of world Christianity that does not take China into account is impoverished and radically incomplete.

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