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Sport and Spirituality (PAPERBACK)

Modern day sports people and spectators might readily use the divine name, or Jesus Christ, as expletives of frustration or exclamations of triumph, but they would rarely make a connection between games and religion. Support for one’s team might occasionally reach the heights of religious zeal, but associating athletic prowess with piety would be far from the thinking of most performers and onlookers. Yet, there are moments when even our modern sports spectaculars are conducted with quasireligious rituals.

These links, these intersections, are drawing greater academic interest in the early part of this new millennium with conferences in the USA in 2004 and in the UK in 2007 and tertiary-based courses springing up in several universtities around the world.

This collection of essays examines the links between sport, spirituality and everyday theology from the ancient Greek dominated world right through to the modern day olympics. It comes at this examination from a Judaco-Christian perspective.

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148 pages

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Contributors: Chris Gardiner, Robert Hess, Richard Hutch, Victor Pfitzner, Gordon Preece, Synthia Syndor.

Editors: Gordon Preece and Rob Hess

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