Spirit Possession, Theology and Identity: A Pacific Exploration-0

Spirit Possession, Theology and Identity: A Pacific Exploration

The growing contemporary interest in spirit possession prompted eleven past and present faculty members of The University of Auckland’s School of Theology, along with two of the School’s recent post-graduate students, to offer essays that in some way explored the reality of spirit possession in Oceania today. Authors were chosen because of their particular research, teaching, or ministry competencies, and this explains the division of the book into three sections. The first section draws on the experiences of those engaged in pastoral ministry with people who believe they are possessed, or those whose particular research interests are the relationship of faith, culture, and praxis. In the second section, the function and place of spirit language in the biblical texts is examined, while the last section’s focus is somewhat broader, addressing some of the historical responses to spirit possession, as well as emerging pneumatologies of good and bad spirits and their impact on the human condition.


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Elaine Wainwright, General Editor
with Philip Culbertson and Susan Smith

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