Science and Religion in a Post-colonial World: Interfaith Perspectives-0

Science and Religion in a Post-colonial World: Interfaith Perspectives

The first of the four parts of the book addresses issues which often have not been discussed in the science and religion discourse, i.e. issues around what may be termed “customisation of science”. A form of such customisation is known as the ideas of Vedic science, and Islamic science. The second part discusses science and the sacred from Islamic and Christian perspectives. Similarly, the third part takes up those perspectives in discussing religious response to new theroies in cosmology and biology. The book ends with an article about the care of the earth, and the creation of a sustainable global community, which is probably today’s biggest challenge for both religion and science.

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Religion and Science in the Post-colonial World explores several issues in the emerging field of science and religion which are of common interest to different religions. The main idea underlying this book is that modern science poses challenges shared by religions. As such, discussing them in an interfaith setting is expected to offer new perspectives to those issues.

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