Sapientia et Scientia

Sapientia et Scientia is an annual academic biblical and theological journal in the Dominican tradition with an international editorial Board. Its aim is to provide a platform for a constructive and critical
engagement between church and world, the arts, the sciences and the fields of biblical studies, theology. Articles are accepted in English, French and Spanish and also include German and Italian.

As an academic theological collaborative journal, its objective is to embody the role of the intellectual life and study within a broad theological spectrum. That is, a vocation as service to the Word of God, involving a reverence for the life of intelligence and study in the economy of salvation. An intelligence which is compassionate without being sentimental, creative without being eccentric, sensitive without being precious, contemporary without being servile to fashion, returning to the sources and the tradition without being traditionalistic, liberating without being libertarian, and always wholly absorbed by and being transparent to the Gospel in the mystery of the church. In short it is a Dominican journal of biblical studies and theology in contemporary engagement with and in the world.
ISSN: 2203-4609

Editorial Board
Biblical Studies
Hans Ulrich Steyamn OP, Germany
Kris Soenik OP, Australia
Mark O’Brien OP, Australia
Richard Unsworth OP, UK
Darren Dias OP, Canada
Orm Rush, Australia
Martha Acosta, Canada
Mark Wedig OP, USA
Kathleen McManus, OP, USA
Managing Editor/Publisher
Hilary Regan, ATF Press
International Reference Group
Dan Kendal SJ, USA
Mary Catherine Hilkert OP, USA

Norm Habel, Australia
Laurie Brink OP, USA