Letters from the Marist Missionaries in Oceania 1836-1854 (PAPERBACK)-0

Letters from the Marist Missionaries in Oceania 1836-1854 (PAPERBACK)

In 1836, the newly created Society of Mary receives from the Holy See the responsibility of evangelizing Oceania. Jean-Claude Colin, freshly elected Superior General, will eventually send 117 missionaries there. These men record what they observe, they meet, they record the works they undertake… in short, they write. “The publishing of this anthology … is truly an event. …It will be found, that these letters talk a lot about gifts, conversions, missionary instructions, the navy, or the Protestants. But one shall also discover, which is less obvious, that they are often about language and customs, death and marriage, and very little about martyrdom.” Claude Prudhomme, professor of contemporary history, Lyon, France

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Charles Girard, member of the Society of Mary, is originally from Louisiana, USA. He holds a doctorate in medieval French, Tulane University, New Orleans. He has transcribed, annotated, and indexed the 1365 letters received from Oceania by the General Administration of the Marist Fathers between 1836 and 1854. Held in the archives of the Marist Fathers in Rome, these are now published in a ten volume critical edition by Éditions Karthala, Paris. The present anthology is a selection of this opus magnum of historical sources for the Pacific.

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