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God vs Darwin (PAPERBACK)

Will the Creationists Triumph over Science?


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One morning, at the beginning of the 1990s, in a laboratory on the Orsay campus, in the south of Paris. The
boss calls me: ‘Jacques, I’ve got some work for you!’ He holds the text of an e-mail out to me: ‘Have you already
heard about the Creationists?’ I confess my ignorance. ‘Some fundamentalists are getting on the nerves of our
American colleagues. They are claiming that Darwin got it all wrong and that only the Bible can tell us how the
Universe was made, how life appeared on Earth, etc. Apparently Adam and Eve really existed, and Noah’s Ark as
well, and evolution is a myth! That ought to be of interest to you . . . ’ He is right. Dominique Lecourt will publish
his book America between the Bible and Darwin (L’AmÈrique entre la Bible et Darwin) tempted to react in the same way as my evolutionist colleagues: with annoyance and outright rejection of these vi God vs Darwin
noisemakers who, while defending the biblical stories at ing, at least theories of evolution from being taught to the younger generations. Then I remember that this is about believers, most often Christians, just like me, who read the same Bible as I do and confess the same faith in Jesus Christ. It matters to go and look more closely.

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