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English for Theology

English for Theology has a specific goal. It is a resource workbook for the development of academic English language skills in theology and related disciplines for students – and their language teachers – from non-English speaking backgrounds. The author has sought to make the contents ecumenically relevant. The book assumes a level of proficiency in English suitable for tertiary-level study. The contents focus especially on developing reading skills. Section 1 (eleven units) provides instruction and practice in the skills of reading comprehension in English, using authentic theological texts. The way in which meaning is conveyed through mode of discourse, genre, organization of ideas, paragraph and sentence structure, and the skills of scanning, skimming and interpreting cohesive devices are included. Section 2 (13 units) offers practice in applying reading skills, as well as practice in listening, writing and speaking skills. Because theology is always grounded in a cultural context, and because this resource book has been produced in the first place with Asia-Pacific students in mind (though the principles are universally applicable), the socio-cultural realities of this region are background themes in many of the units.

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