Dominican Approaches in Education Second Edition (EPUB) -0

Dominican Approaches in Education Second Edition (EPUB)

With eleven new contributions, this second edition of essays on the sources and principles of Dominican values in education offers an extended sample of the many settings in which Dominican education, broadly understood, finds expression. Cherished by all Dominicans, these values are exemplified not only in the lives of well-known foundational Dominicans, but also in some of those many others who, on every continent and across time, have responded in typically Dominican ways at key moments in history. Educators, activists, philosophers, teachers, preachers, artists, healers and theologians at many levels share their analyses and reflections on educating in many different contexts, explicitly and implicitly demonstrating ideals and values common to the goals of Dominican education everywhere. It is hoped that this collection, offered again in this decade of Dominican Jubilee—1206 – 1216 to 2006 – 2016 —will inform, inspire and encourage all those engaged in the great work of educating not only youth but people of all ages towards greater life and liberty. Dominicans can only mediate the story of Jesus effectively by the modelling of their own life. As Blessed Marie Poussepin showed us so clearly, life can preach more powerfully than words. Lilly Chalakkal OP …a true Dominican: intellectually present at the borders and limits of our social, cultural and religious world. Erik Borgman, Lay Dominican ….as a community of Dominican sisters…we feel the cry of our people, of our Lands of Latin America. In the daily listening [to]… people, who reveal a God who suffers with them, I feel, like Catherine of Siena, an invitation that comes from the depths of my heart, to ask God to have mercy on this world. Maria Julia Ardito OP [in] teaching theology…we also need to be passing on the art or practice of doing theology… [just] to repeat faithfully what the authorities have said…I do not believe…has ever been a good thing to do, but in our post-modern world it is not only inadequate and misleading, it can be destructive of whatever little faith some people, especially young people, might have. Albert Nolan OP Ultimately, the healing and educating of relationships within the Church requires a mysticism of resistance to all that diminishes the contributions of women and thereby jeopardises the Church’s viability as a relevant force in the world. The future of the Church depends upon the flourishing of women. Kathleen McManus OP Lagrange [at the Ecole Biblique]…wanted to bring the interpretation of the Bible up to date. But there were many…who defended traditional interpretations as if they were matters of faith…. The church, however, gradually came to realise that Lagrange was right. Jerome Murphy-O’Connor OP In the midst of a patriarchal system…Rose [of Lima] has the mystical daring to see a Church where it is women who prepare the foundation stones for a new Christian community, has the liberty to call her Dominican brothers to be more faithful to preaching the gospel, denounces the religious life of her epoch that discriminates, and especially, gives herself without limit to the very poor…Can it be that as a Dominican family we will let ourselves be questioned by the mystical and prophetic daring of…Rose? Gabriela Zengarini OP …the Justice and Peace of God’s Reign is fostered through the encounter of dialogue among peers who are open to contemplative listening. It is here that we can find the authentic meaning of Justice and Peace: encountering the other, respecting the other, dialoguing with the other, in order to listen to his/ her needs and to enter into a fulfilling interchange of shared life. Carlos Rodriguez Linera OP

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Gabrielle Kelly OP, after various roles in Catholic education (SA, Vic), and leadership of Holy Cross Dominicans (Cabra, South Australia), was later active in refugee support, ESL/EFL teaching at home and abroad, and Christian-Muslim dialogue. Gabrielle has long been involved in the Dominican Asia Pacific Justice & Peace Network, and fostering of links in the region.

Kevin Saunders OP is an Australian Dominican who lived, studied and worked in three Australian University Colleges for eighteen years, and was formerly Prior of the Dominican Community and chaplain at Blackfriars Priory School in Adelaide. He was elected Provincial of the Dominican Friars’ Province of Australia and New Zealand in 2008, which position he presently holds.


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