Dominican Approaches in Education (pdf)-0

Dominican Approaches in Education (pdf)

Bringing together a range of scholarly and reflective contributions from every continent, this book offers an introduction to the sources and principles of Dominican values in education as exemplified in some key figures in the tradition. At the same time, it provides a broad sample of the many contexts in which Dominican education, understood in the widest sense – and integral to the very purpose of Dominican life – has found expression, past and present. Philosophers, educators, activists, healers, theologians, artists, preachers, and teachers at many levels share their analyses and reflections on educating in many different settings, explicitly and implicitly demonstrating ideals and values common to the goals of Dominican education everywhere. It is hoped that the book, offered in this decade of Dominican Jubilee – 1206-1216 to 2006-2016 – will inform, inspire and encourage all those engaged in the great work of leading forth people young and old towards greater life and liberty.

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Aquinas’ unity of the human person is at the heart of Dominican education. Education is embraced not only by the mind but the whole person. The integration of the liberal arts with specialised disciplines and the relation of spiritual and moral growth to intellectual development flow directly from a philosophy of education addressed to the entire person. Philip Smith OP

Catherine (of Siena) was … such a splendid teacher because she was such an enthusiastic learner. And the school at which she studied was the school of Jesus Christ … This is at the heart of the matter for all who would be teachers in faith…
Suzanne Noffke OP

“…in children who are learning… the ingenuity of the first creator shines out, just as the work of the sculptor shines in the statue….
Albert the Great, quoted by Walter Senner OP

Las Casas explains…(that) to teach is to be together with, to respect the intelligence and its ways, to facilitate thinking…surrounding those to be educated with kindness, tenderness and untiring love. Carlos Josaphat OP

“My prayer is that this book, the fruit of the reflection and witness of many brothers and sisters from all over the world, will encourage those already ‘cultivating the human pursuit of truth’ to continue to do so, and for those embarking on a life of study and teaching, to do so like St. Dominic, humbly and compassionately, in order to be ‘useful’ to others.”
Carlos A Azpiroz Costa OP, Master of the Order.

“The contents of this book will capture the imagination of all of those who believe that another world is possible and that Dominicans …involved in …education in a wide variety of settings around the world are participating in the coming of this better world. This book shows us how to make ‘intelligent use of our liberty’ to be resourceful in building bridges, imaginative in creating dialogue and caring with and for those in need.”
Margaret Ormond OP, Coordinator, Dominican Sisters International

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