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Chinese Masters of the 20th century volume 2: Art of Pan Tianshou

Pan Tianshou 1897-1971, inheriting the traditional Chinese painting, was a socialist painter. It had been his goal and spiritual fountain to revitalise national spirit by carrying forward the national art. Compared to his predecessors, he showed more presence in the forefront of the cultural clashes and social reform, voicing his great support for Chinese painting. Pan Tianshou (Chinese: 潘天寿; Pinyin: Pān Tiānshòu; 1897–1971) was a notable painter and art educator of modern China. Pan was born in Guanzhuang, Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province, and graduated from Zhejiang First Normal School (today the Hangzhou High School (浙江省杭州高级中学)). He followed Wu Changshuo to study Chinese traditional painting. He built the foundation of Chinese traditional painting education. In July 1926, his “History of Chinese Painting” was published by Commercial Press. In Winter, together with Yu Jifan and Pan Booying, he co-founded Shanghai Xinhua School of Fine Arts. Also known by the names of Dayi. Shouzhe, Yizhe, and Leipotoufeng Shouze. His artisti lineage can be traced back to the Zhe school of the ing Dynasty which succeeded the famous Song traditions. Pan worked in vigorous and strong brush strokes. He was good at calligraphy and seal engraving. He believed that Chinese painting needed to distinguish itself from western painting. The books has works by the artist from 1928 to 1969. It has chapters outlining and critiquing his work by leading Chines art historians, Pan Gongkai, Lamg Shaojun, Wan Qingli, Liu Jiang and Pan Yaochang and concludes with a chronology of his life and work. 230 pages.

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