Chinese Art History Book One-0

Chinese Art History Book One

Drawing on the archaeological discoveries in the last two decades, this collection of 3 books introduces not only art works, but also the social, political, religious. and philosophical contexts in which they were created. This organisation strategy makes it easy for readers to understand the distinct characteristics of each period of art and to gain a clearer view of how chinese art has changed in relation to its historical context. The book is full colour plates with descriptions in Chinese and English plus an overall introduction in Book One. Each book around 400 pages. Beginning with the Primitive art in 3 volumes it goes through to the the Ming Period. Book One, Primitive Art of 2 million years ago, through to the Kingdom of Wei , the Jin Dynasty, and the Northern and Southern Dynasties (220 ad to 589 ad. Chapter 1 The Light of Primitive Art 2) Artistic Achievements at the Beginning of Civilzation 3) New Climates during the Periods of Change 4) Glories Under centralization 5) A New scene of of national amalgamation

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By Liu Wei Duan Guoqiang

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