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Aspirations for Modernity and Prosperity (PDF)

Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority nation in the world and at the same time has a growing Pentecostal/Charismatic movement, gaining more public attention, both for its size and wealth. Building on two years of research, thousands of member surveys, and visits to almost 300 churches, this book gives insights into the reasons for its growth. It explores the characteristics of the growing community and its social relations with other Christian communities as well as Muslims in Indonesia.

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‘Up to now the social character of Indonesian Pentecostalism
has remained something of a mystery. This book changes
the state of our knowledge entirely. Its chapters provide us
with important and often unexpected insights into Indonesian
Pentecostalism’s varied worship styles, organizational
diversity, and gender dynamics. No less remarkably, it explores
the nature of Pentecostal-Muslim relations and examines their
implications for Indonesian pluralism as a whole. In short, this
book is one of the most important ever written on Pentecostalism
in Asia. It should be read by everyone interested in religion
in Indonesia and in the late modern vitality and diversity of
Pentecostal Christianity.’

Robert W Hefner (Director of the Institute on Culture,
Religion, and World Affairs, Boston University; editor of Global
Pentecostalism in the 21st Century (2013)).

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